Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Last week, we had the great opportunity to talk to a native Alaskan woman. Her name is Sheree Dohner. She is the grandmother of two of our infant education students and she was nice enough to have a talk to our 6th grade students. She spoke about the Alaskan history, climate, geography, hobbies etc and she answered many of our questions as well.  We took advantage of the information she gave us to write the following post:


Time ago, Alaska was from Russia. Later, America bought Alaska for 7.200.000$.
Lots of natives died because of the Japanese and European people took new diseases in the Second World War. The 80% of the native died. Later they built health care clinics and people helped the clinics   because there weren´t any doctors in Alaska.


Alaska is a State of USA. Alaska is in the north of Canada.
The state of Alaska is three times bigger than Spain.
There live 750.000 people in Alaska and there is only one person for 1 km².
The most important road is from the north to the south. There aren´t many roads in Alaska. The cities are communicated with airports.
Fairbanks international airport is one of the most important airports of Alaska.


The winter starts in October and finishes in April-May. Summer starts in May and finishes in October.
The Northern lights are created with the sun lights entering in the atmosphere. The Northern lights are beautiful.
In winter the temperature can be  - 40ºC, and on summer it reaches up to 32ºC. Because of the global warming the permafrost is melting and the glaciers too. On top of the permafrost there are a lot of houses. If the permafrost melts, the houses will fall down.  
When the glacier falls in the water makes a lot of sound.
Because of the global warming the polar bears are endangered.


They use specials bikes to ride in the snow, and the bikes have got wide wheels.
They use skies a lot.
They used weapons to hunt animals, because they needed food and fur for clothes. They hunted seals and whales because they needed oil for lamps.
They used fishing nets to catch salmons.
They sometimes go ice climbing.
They celebrate competitions of ice sculptures. 

Friday, 16 February 2018

in the fresh air

The sun is shining... at last! and we discovered a new zone in our school: it's green, there is wifi, we can breathe fresh air and we can work and do our projects! it's fun to get out of our classroom.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


This funny and interesting presentation has been made by our PRIMARY 6 students.

Resultado de imagen de INTERESTING FACTS

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


It´s Christmas time!
We wish you a happy Christmas and a fantastic new year. We hope you have a good time on Christmas with your family and friends. 
We love you from the bottom of our hearts!